Austin Gift Guide 2023

Great Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Austenite

Whether you are looking for fun gift ideas, unusual gift ideas, or just a great Austin gift, here’s a list for you! Austin offers many cool and unusual gifts, ranging from handmade to unique and from holiday to anytime gift ideas. There are also lots of cheap Austin Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, and nice ideas for corporate Austin gifts. If you have any Austin gift ideas you’d like added to this list, just let me know, and I’ll add it!

Austin Events 2021

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At Austin’s, you’ll find a wonderful event guide and a great Austin gift that will give any adventure-seeking local or out-of-towner a load of great information. The wall calendar has over 250 things to do in Austin, and the dates of events are right on the calendar. There is something for everyone. This a a great Austin gift idea for anyone!

Stones Throw Studio

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Austin’s Stones Throw Studio has an eclectic offering of handmade jewelry and pet tags that make great Austin gifts. You can see their intriguing craftsmanship in everything from the silver and glass bead earrings to the sweet heart-shaped pet tags. Your pet will thank you for this cool Austin gift.

Independence Brewing Co.

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Austin’s Independence Brewing Co. is the place to shop for Austin gifts for those who love beer. There, beer drinkers and connoisseurs will find flavorful ales to entice the palate. This is a great Austin gift idea, if you ask me.

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Black Star Co-op

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Austin’s Black Star Co-op is the world’s first co-operatively owned and managed brewpub. While imbibing is the primary focus of this member-driven co-op, educating people on the value of this type of business is also a key component of the company’s function. Give the gift of a membership to Austin’s co-op brewpub! This is an Austin gift they won’t forget (unless they drink too much).


Looking for an Austin gift of food? Chuy’s is a fantastic restaurant, not just for finding great food but, most importantly, for finding some of the best local shirts around. The fun designs sport wacky and bold messages that people everywhere can appreciate, especially if they know anything about Chuy’s. I’ve given these as Austin gifts, and people love them.

Stubb’s Bar-B-Q

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Another great Austin gift is a Stubb’s gift certificate. Stubb’s Bar-B-Q is for people who know and appreciate real barbecue. But, it also has some cool shirts. These shirts feature famous Stubb-isms (words from Stubb, a beloved Austin figure) that people in the area know and enjoy. They make a unique Austin gift.

Kerbey Lane Cafe

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Austin’s Kerbey Lane Cafe is famous for fabulous pancakes that melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. You can make those delicious pancakes at home with their easy-to-use pancake mix. Choose from pumpkin, gingerbread, buttermilk, or other delicious varieties; they even have gluten-free options. I gave some to my mom as a hint and an unusual Austin gift.

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Paula’s Texas Spirits

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Give the hard stuff as an Austin gift. Paula’s Texas Spirits specializes in handmade liqueurs. Paula’s makes orange-, lemon-, and grapefruit-flavored liqueurs. These three citrus spirits will elevate your cocktail from good to exquisite, which is a testament to their expertly crafted liqueurs. A great Austin gift, indeed.

Tito’s Vodka

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Another alcoholic Austin gift, Tito’s Vodka is handmade and produced from 100% corn. It is distilled six times in small batches and is the first and oldest legal distillery in Austin, Texas. A gold-medal-winning spirit, this vodka was created by a geologist to be enjoyed and savored by those that can appreciate world-class spirits. Sign me up for this Austin gift!

Toy Joy

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Have a kid that needs an Austin gift? This is the place for Austin toys. Toy Joy is a haven for edgy, mind-challenging, and off-the-wall play things. Not a run-of-the-mill, dollies-and-trucks toy store, Toy Joy has something for people of all ages. Whether you want a skull-and-crossbones hackey sack or sparkly ninja gum, you will be pleasantly surprised at what this toy store has to offer in terms of Austin gifts.

Terra Toys

Another great Austin toy store with loads of kids’ gifts, Terra Toys is a wondrous playland where you will find toys of every kind, awesome kites, collectors’ items, art supplies, and instruments for children. Kids of all ages can get lost in the enjoyment of playing in this great toy store. They even offer gift certificates that make fabulous Austin gifts for any deserving kid.

Austin City Limits

Give that classic Austin gift of an Austin City Limits T-shirt. The Austin City Limits brand has an energetic, disco feel to it. A great way to enjoy the jamming before, during, and after the music festival, these tees range from the subtle to the bright and bold. The designs are suited to every member of the family, and they carry items such as onesies for babies and sunglasses for mom and dad.

Lake Austin Spa Resort

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Give the Austin gift of relaxation with a Lake Austin Spa Resort gift certificate. You’ll be able to do something wonderful for yourself or someone special when you purchase this absolutely perfect gift. Each gift certificate can be in any dollar amount and can be used for any spa treatment or package.

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Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Austin’s Barton Creek Resort & Spa gift card is a great gift for those who enjoy the finer things in life. The gift card can be used to purchase anything from golf apparel to indulgent spa treatments for guests of the resort. The Barton Creek Resort & Spa gift card can give someone a chance to experience some of the most opulent pleasures in life.

Austin Events 2021

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This site was created by BigWeekendCalendars, which makes this Austin Events Wall Calendar. We hope that you’ll buy it, but if you don’t, we hope you buy local!

Waterloo Records

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The best place to get a musical Austin gift. Record hobbyists and DJs can take advantage of the great selection and service at Waterloo Records, where customers can buy, sell, or trade their CDs, DVDs, and LPs. A Waterloo gift card is a wonderful Austin gift for those who love vinyl or just can’t get enough of the music scene. In addition to the mainstream, they also have some of the best local music that this city has to offer.


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Austin’s BookPeople is the place a family can find books from all walks of life. Who doesn’t like a book for a Christmas gift? In addition to the aisles of excellent books, they also offer gift certificates and gifts to share with book-lovers. If it’s a really unusual Austin gift that you’re looking for, BookPeople is also a great place to buy pieces from the “Keep Austin Weird” apparel collection.

Whole Foods Market

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Austin’s Whole Foods Market is an international grocery store chain that offers a great selection of products, including an awesome array of organic foods. Yummy Austin gifts, for sure! Those who shop at Whole Foods can savor and appreciate the inviting environment and fundamental ideals of the company. Whole Foods also offers gift certificates and a wide assortment of food-related gifts.

Zach Theatre

ZACH Theatre

Austin’s Zach Theatre is a marvelous playhouse for theatre-goers of all ages. The superb acting and amazing atmosphere will make the Zach Theatre a favorite family venue. Gift options include not just tickets to their latest productions, but also gift certificates that can be put toward tickets or subscriptions. Meanwhile, children can enjoy workshops and camps. This is an Austin treasure.

Outhouse Designs

Outhouse Designs | Manufacturers of Creative Awesomeness

Apparel from Austin’s Outhouse Designs has a real free-spirit feel, featuring everything from Texas-centric designs to custom-designed weirdness to personal works of T-shirt art. Their shirts come in a variety of cuts and styles to suit any taste. If you’re looking for a real Austin gift, this is the place.

Monkey See Monkey Do

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Austin’s Monkey See Monkey Do is a phenomenally unique and fun boutique. Just about any type of weird and wacky item that you could possibly want or imagine, you will, no doubt, be able to locate here. Whether you worship Homer Simpson or dig angry rubber duck bath toys, Monkey See Monkey Do is the place to shop for unique gifts in Austin.

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SegCity offers a very amusing tour of Austin that visitors will find interesting and extremely odd at times, yet will appreciate the overall quality of the experience. From learning about O. Henry to the haunted Driskill Hotel, this city is full of fascinating and intriguing sites. This is a one-of-a-kind Austin gift, for sure.

Yellow Cab TaxiCard

Taxi Card

Give the gift of Austin safety. The TaxiCard is a valuable gift for people who have transportation needs. Both a cashless alternative for nondrivers  and a potential life-saving service for folks who cannot – or should not – drive, TaxiCards will be appreciated by all.

Austin Homebrew Supply

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The Austin Homebrew Supply shop is a full-service brew-your-own emporium. Get everything from beer recipes to kegerator kits. It’s all here, ready to be gifted to the beer-making enthusiast. They also carry a line of Austin Homebrew Supply signature T-shirts and other accessories.

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Farmhouse Delivery

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Got a foodie on your Austin gift list? Farmhouse Delivery is the area’s leader in freshly delivered groceries. They offer a wide selection of seasonal, local, and organic foods delivered right to your front door.

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Find Austin restaurant gift certificates for many area eateries at This is such a pleasant way to surprise someone, while giving them a gift that they can enjoy and appreciate. You’ll be able to choose from basic barbecue joints to elegant and luxurious dining venues. There are gift choices to satisfy and fulfill everyone.

Whole Earth Provision Co.

Austin’s Whole Earth Provision Co. is a quality urban outfitter and great Austin gift store. This retail store boasts innovative products that have a fresh appeal and are sold with the intent of preserving the Earth’s resources. At Whole Earth Provision, you’ll find everything from hammocks and camping gear to yoga mats and hemp apparel. They have lots of outdoors stuff and many unique gifts.

The Original Worm


The Original Worm is a portable body roller combining the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller. It provides trigger-point release to alleviate stiffness, pain, and stress in muscles and joints. The Original Worm’s portability allows you to experience a therapeutic session whenever and wherever you want.

Austin Moonlight


Austin is the only city in the world with Moonlight Towers. They have been bathing Austinites in a romantic glow since 1895. People around the world know them from the movie Dazed and Confused, and Matthew McConaughey’s classic “Party at the Moontower!” Local artists at Austin Moonlight have taken authentic Moonlight Tower blueprints and turned them into gorgeous home decor items for Austinites and Austinites at heart. Gifts don’t get any more Austin than this!

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Lammes Candies

Lammes Candies Since 1885

Delicious candies and secret recipes are the only way that we can describe Austin’s Lammes Candies. Lammes has all sorts of tasty treats that anybody would be thrilled to get as a gift. Their signature candies include Longhorns (a mouthwatering concoction of pecans, caramel, and chocolate), Peanut Paws, and Cashew Critters, to name a few. Both fun to say and absolutely incredible to eat and enjoy, Lammes’ offerings are truly top notch in Austin.

University Co-op

Get some great burnt orange gifts this year. The University of Texas (Austin) Co-operative is a resource for faculty, students, and alumni of the university. Merchandise includes T-shirts and other fun UT gear.

Big Red Sun


Austin’s Big Red Sun is a design company that creates exotic landscapes that are sure to please those with a taste for superior design and form. Big Red Sun integrates indoor and outdoor elements to fashion gardens and courtyards that are as much of a retreat as they are a place to entertain and host events. Big Red Sun has the perfect team to craft or help you create an exceptional space with plants and gardening accents that are inviting and intriguing.

Austin Events 2021

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